Linking Hearts is a transnational implementation research project between Canada and China. The project was developed in response to the observed mental health needs amongst university student populations in Jinan, Shandong, China.

The aims of Linking Hearts are to evaluate the implementation of an evidence-based intervention, Acceptance and Commitment to Empowerment – Linking Youth and ‘Xin’ (hearts) (ACE-LYNX), to:

Project Progress

Collaborating for Success

Throughout the implementation process, the CA-CN team worked collaboratively...

Adaptation and Integration

The CA-CN Core Implementation (IMP) team have worked closely to finalize the adaptation of MH101...

ACE-LYNX Implementation

The Linking Hearts CA and CN Teams had completed Phase One Contextual Analysis to...


#1. Mental Health 101 

Mental Health 101 is an on-line mental health literacy resource with four 1-hour learning modules. It is hosted on a Learning Management System, with foci on the social determinants of youth mental health, integrated pathways to mental health care, and mental disorders and treatment modalities.

#2.Conference Abstracts

The Linking Hearts study results are disseminated through presentations at local, national, and international conferences to advance implementation science and global mental health. 

#3. Published Paper Abstracts

The Linking Hearts study results are disseminated through peer-reviewed publications. Findings from this study will generate unique and nuanced knowledge of the processes that facilitate or impede implementation in different sociocultural contexts.